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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Travel Adventure:

Recently, my wife and I flew from Phoenix to Salt Lake City to attend our grand-daughter’s Confirmation celebration. It was a beautiful event, and we were so glad to be present to enjoy it.

The story I wanted to relate to you however, occurred on our flight home. The flight attendant had just passed through the cabin with snacks. As I leaned back to enjoy the flight, I heard this voice; it said, “That’s a nice looking shirt you are wearing. I must say, you really look sharp! Your wife also looks very nice.” I couldn’t imagine where that voice was coming from. Finally, the flight attendant returned. I summoned all my nerve and asked her about the voice. She said, “O sir! I should have mentioned it in my announcement. Our peanuts are complementary!”

Well, that may not be true, but I hope you enjoy this fine fall weather, and watch out for those complementary peanuts!

Until next time:

Jolly Rollie