Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Greetings!

Hello and Merry Christmas,

I believe in miracles; do you? I believe they are all around us. To me, the greatest miracle of all is the birth of a child. It’s so much fun for Shirley and me to observe the growth of our grandchildren. Mike is a sophomore in college, Dan a senior in high school, Zach in ninth grade and Hannah in seventh grade. That’s our Utah clan. Theresa and Ken are busy driving everyone to the proper place at the proper time.

Then we have Jean and John in Illinois; along with Allison fourth grade, Tommy kindergarten and Ryan at home helping mom and dad with great enthusiasm.

When all these little ones are asked where they want to go on vacation, their choice is unanimous. They want to visit Uncle Paul and Aunt Sherri. Paul and Sherri, along with their five dogs, keep each child well entertained. Paul and Sherri also do a great job entertaining Shirl and me when we return to Illinois.

Shirley and I continue to be kept busy in Arizona enjoying great weather, and working just enough to keep things interesting. I continue to play the organ at St. Bernard’s church, along with working an occasional day or two with Yamaha.

We’re grateful for the blessing of good health our family has enjoyed through this year.

Now you know about our miracles, but I haven’t mentioned the greatest miracle of all—the reason we communicate with one another at this time of year. As we celebrate the miracle of miracles, the birth of Jesus, Shirley and I again wish you all the peace and joy only the Prince of Peace can bring.

We hope to be with many of you in person during the coming year. Your messages are such a joyful part of our Christmas season. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy healthy new year.




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