Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Year Ahead:

As I write this, we are at the end of the first month of the year. I think it’s still appropriate for me to wish you a happy healthy new year.

I thought it would be fun to make a few predictions concerning the four years ahead of us. My predictions are based on political deduction rather than psychic power. Before diving in to a few predictions, may I say that I wish our new president success in leading this nation. If he fails, we all will fail, so I think prayers are in order for him and our leaders.

First of all, I predict that we will be paying more taxes. We, the middle class, will be asked to support illegal aliens both with free education and free medical care. This is sad for those people, especially Mexicans, who came here legally obeyed the law and contribute to our society. I heard once that the government cannot give you something until it first takes it away from you. In other words, in order to provide all these “free” services, the government will get most of the money from you and me.

We are now rushing toward socialized medicine. This has not worked in Canada or other places. That’s why folks from Canada and other countries, come here to obtain medical help. In their home country, they are often on a long waiting list for medical help.

I believe our president will find that his promise to bring home the troops will not be accomplished as easily as he might hope. Our troops will continue to serve around the world for a long time.

Finally, I fear for our dollar. It has been weakened so much by deficit spending. Both political parties are to blame for this, although the problem began long before this administration.

I have really painted a dark picture, haven’t I? The good news is that there are many good people in this country. If we are careful who we elect, and do a lot of praying, we might just come through this. We should take care with each election: local, state and national. If we do these things, perhaps we will be blessed with many happy years ahead. I hope so!


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