Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Banking Adventure:

This is the true story of my recent visit to a local bank. I received a notice that my certificate of deposit had matured. It was time to turn it over or do something else with it. When I didn’t act on the letter right away, we began receiving calls from the bank notifying me of this same fact. When the calls became more insisting in nature, I decided to visit the bank. Remember! All I wanted to do was to leave the certificate of deposit just as it was. After the representative met us, another person appeared on the scene. Evidently, he is in charge of security sales for the bank. I believe he strategically place his chair between us and the door; at least, I got the impression that we weren’t getting out of there until we heard his story. Too many minutes later, I asked if the product he proposed for us was insured by the FDIC. He said rather softly, “Well, no it isn’t.” My next reply was, “Case closed!” I always felt that a bank was a dignified institution rather than a group of hucksters trying to sell something a customer doesn’t desire.

At any rate, I really felt released when we did escape…I mean leave the bank. I hope our bank can regain some of the class I always enjoyed in doing business there.

If you, my dear reader, have any banking experiences to share; I’d love to read them. Please share them with us.


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