Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve:

As new year’s eve approaches, I think back to the holidays in my past. While I love to entertain, I must say that I didn’t look forward to new year’s eve. I felt that the crowd had a different personality than they had on other days of the year. Many of our regular customers were replaced by folks who, evidently, didn’t get out much during the rest of the year. They were difficult for me to reach, and it was a challenge to develop a rapport with them. I believe another reason I didn’t enjoy that day was that I had to leave my family while others were enjoying times with their close friends and family. Of course, I was grateful to have a nice job playing for nice people; however, there are days which belong to those we love. For me, new year’s eve was one of those occasions. It’s a great time to look both forward and back. I hope you will have much to be grateful for this year, and that next year will be a bright one for all of us. Thanks for your support of my blog; happy new year!


Blogger Joe and Nancy Faust J said...

Hi Rollie, Sure do enjoy reading about the holidays from another's perspective. I am interested to know where you were playing on New Years Eve. Was it the same place each year? You reminded me of how grateful I too should be that these days I can share a special marker of time with my best friend (and husband) Joe. I too over the years have played for an assortment of parties on the 31st where folks were lucky if they could remember what fun they had when they woke up the next morning. We will be thinking of you and Shirley with gratitude for helping us appreciate the memories we are making on a holiday that marks time. We look forward to seeing you in 2010, a year that we hope will be wonderful for both you and Shirley. Happy New Year !! Joe and Nancy

4:35 PM  
Blogger mnkate said...

Happy New Year to you and Shirley. I hope it will be a great year for you both and I'm looking forward to chatting again soon.

4:32 AM  

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