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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Travel is Broadening!

Some years ago, the music company with whom I worked invited me to attend a trip to Japan. It was definitely a working trip, but there was ample time for very interesting side trips. Approximately ten other employees and I boarded a plane in Las Angeles for Tokyo. We were in business class, so it was quite comfortable. In spite of that, I could hardly wait for our plane to set down in Japan. I had never been on an aircraft for that length of time.

The first thing I learned was that there really is such a thing as jet lag. I believe it was that plus the smell of fish for breakfast, which made me realize that my stomach hadn’t landed back on earth yet.

It was fun to shop; although most of the items I purchased could have been obtained in Chicago where I lived at the time.

The people in Japan were eager to show us their factories and stores, and they were justly proud of them. We spent long hours in meetings with officials from these places. Many times, following these meetings there would be a reception for us. It made for long, busy but interesting days.

In some ways, the trip was like stepping into a whole new world; but in others, the people were surprisingly the same.

In another entry, I’ll tell you more about the people over there.