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Friday, June 15, 2007

Question of the Day:

If I were to meet a very wise man, I would have one burning question for him. It has nothing to do with lasting peace or the intricate workings of the universe. What I want to know is: when I enter a doctor’s office, why does my blood pressure rise to a figure seemingly close to our national debt? I’ve tried several methods to keep my blood pressure down. For example, deep breathing. This makes me feel good, but it doesn’t help that high figure. Here’s a good one. My wife will say, “Relax!” I relax; or at least, I think I do. It doesn’t help. I think of lying on the beach with the warm sun beating down on me. It does give me a nice peaceful feeling, but the results are the same. Perhaps I could meet my doctor at a Diamondbacks’ game. On second thought, that wouldn’t work. The way they play, my blood pressure would be through the closed roof. My blood pressure is a nice normal figure when it’s taken at home.--Wait a minute! That’s it! I’ll invite my doctor to my home. Good idea; but I just remembered. He doesn’t make house calls.

From the comments you have made on past blogs, I know my readers are a creative and intelligent group. I’m sure you’ll come up with some good ideas. As for me, I should stop now. I don’t want to think of this any more. I feel my blood pressure rising for some reason!