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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where Did It Go?

Where did it go? How did it happen? Will it ever return? I’m referring to our sense of humor in America. Unfortunately, I can’t claim this as an original thought. I am echoing the thought expressed in a book I recently read titled: “I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This.” The author, Bob Newhart, is well qualified to speak on the subject of humor.

In my view, we have placed so much emphasis on being politically correct, that we have smothered creativity. When I speak of this situation, I do not refer to the mean-spirited jokes, or those in poor taste regarding race or religion. Referring again to Bob Newhart, his stories poked gentle fun at various groups and in human nature in general. Whether it be accountants, driving instructors advertising agencies or the military, the result was always funny and so much on the mark. I doubt if Newhart could work as freely today as he did forty years ago. I hope we can return to a time when we can have a good laugh at ourselves and enjoy life together.

I should probably end with the hope that I didn’t offend anyone. Come on! Smile! I was joking.