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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Readers,

I wanted to share this Christmas wish with you...

Merry Christmas from Scottsdale!

It’s a joy to share the wonder and excitement of this season with each of you. We are blessed with good health and many gifts from God given to us during this year. Visits with Theresa, Paul, Jean and their families top the list. It’s a joy to observe the growth of our family in every way.

I continue to play the organ at our local church. Working with young cantors helps to keep me young; of course, I have the advantage of not looking in the mirror. In September, I was invited to join the board of trustees of Newsreel Magazine. This monthly is published in audio primarily for blind readers. Since I have read this magazine and contributed articles to it for many years, this was an honor for me to help serve them.

With encouragement from friends in our church, I created a Christmas CD this year. The proceeds from the CD go to our building fund at church. Since I’m probably considered dangerous with a hammer and nails, I felt this was the best way I could contribute.

Now you might ask, “What about Shirley?” My bride is an avid reader, and I believe she has a green thumb. I would find it hard to believe I could accomplish any of the things I mentioned above without Shirley’s help, advice and support.

As our world grows smaller due to communications advances, it’s comforting to know that we can keep in touch in so many ways. Nevertheless, there’s nothing like greeting family and friends with a big hug as we welcome you to our home. I hope we can enjoy a visit with many of you during the coming year.

We wish you a blessed and merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year!


Rollie & Shirley