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Monday, December 26, 2005

A word from Father Time:

When our children were in grade school, they came up with the usual questions concerning the world around us. In my enthusiasm to share what knowledge I had, my explanations grew more than a little long. The kids must have decided to show their appreciation for these instructive lectures on my part; because after one of my explanations, they all said in unison: “Thanks you, Mr. Science!” This ritual went on for some time, as I recall.

Speaking of science, here’s a fact you may not have heard. The beginning of 2006 will be delayed by one second. The reason for this is to adjust to the earth’s rotation to keep our time completely accurate. This one second adjustment occurs every seven years. Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing!

Now, aren’t you glad you read this blog? Happy new year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I prefer "Merry Christmas!"

I’m happy that some retail stores are becoming sensitive to the majority of the market to whom they are selling. The majority of our country is Christian; therefore, it’s pleasant to hear sales people wish us a merry Christmas. Not only is it pleasant, but it’s also a good sales strategy. If I were selling in a predominately Jewish neighborhood, I would want to acknowledge important days in their year as well.

By no means do I wish to minimize the importance of non-Christian people in our country, and the great contributions they make to our society. I think it boils down to the importance of every individual regardless of belief or lack of it. For this reason I feel comfortable wishing everyone, especially you, my dear reader, a blessed and merry Christmas season!