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Sunday, April 29, 2007

What’s the difference between a salesman and an order taker? This is not the first part of a riddle; instead, it’s a thought that ran through my mind during a recent shopping trip.

I was seeking information regarding some electronic equipment. We asked the employee on duty to show us the equipment. After a few tries, he confessed that he really didn’t know much about this product. It was suggested that we consult the web site where we could get all sorts of information. I appreciated the candor the staff member exhibited, but was disappointed in his apparent lack of interest in making a sale. Evidently, in an effort to keep prices low, companies are hiring order takers rather than knowledgeable sales people to keep prices down. We, the shopping public, have become so enamored with finding bargains, that we have driven many good sales people out of the market place. While I love bargains, I really appreciate dedicated sales people and good service after the sale even more.

I am in no way complaining about the current shopping climate; rather, I am making commentary on the present situation. What do you think?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

What's wrong with silence?

Tell me. What’s wrong with a little silence? First, let me explain that I’m a real audio guy. We have many devices around our house telling us the time, the temperature, (in doors and out) and my weight just to mention a few. Even our caller ID announces the phone number of an incoming caller. All these things I really appreciate.

There is however, a place in the world for beautiful silence. It’s so nice to take a walk and enjoy our great spring weather. I prefer that our walk not be invaded by loud music from passing cars. How about the restaurant where we go for good food and pleasant conversation? Music at a softer level can actually aid in relaxation and conversation. As the volume of the music goes up however, sometimes it’s necessary to chat less.

Even our shopping experience has been challenged. In many cases, music has ceased to be the treat the composer intended, and has become a real invasion.
To sum up, while I love audio and have a great passion for music, there is something to be said for (as the song writer says) The Sound of Silence.